International House was established in 2016 by a non-governmental organisation Ethical Links based on a strong need for exploring and developing Tartu´s potential for attracting and retaining international professionals and promoting inclusion and cohesion in Estonia.


Our vision is to see that people of different walks of life can live in Tartu and Estonia in peace, dignity and mutual respect, adding their share to creating a vibrant, caring, sustainable and free society. Among our core values are human rights, democracy and secular society.

Most of our work is done voluntarily, so you are welcome to join our volunteer team.


However, even with working mostly on a voluntary basis, we still have a lot of expenses: paying rent for our center, paying for the use of the football field, buying material for cooking workshops or printing materials for language cafes etc.

Some of the costs we are able to cover ourselves by providing consultations, trainings or other services, some of the costs are funded through projects.


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