Nastja is coordinating the overall work of International House. She is providing consultatons and trainings to Estonian practitioners.


Her favorite topics and migration, integration and identity policies. She loves when she has enough time to run the language class or language cafes. But often she has to deal with financial management in stead, which is way more boring but absolutely necessary for International House to be able to continue the work we do.


Dan is coordinating the cooking events of the International House. He also coordinates many other events, including art and dance.


Abdulazeez is the person who has our greatest thanks for being such an awesome in managing the football games!  Do you like to play? You´ll see him on the pitch next Saturday!



Maili is our festivals coordinator.
Days of Tammelinn, Karlova Days, Student Days - we wouldn´t be there without Maili! Big thumbs up!



Sille is running Estonian language cafes. She is studying Estonian as second language and is greatly motivated to discuss diverse topics and get language cafe participants to speak!