What we do

It is not always easy to relocate. What feels obvious to a person born and raised in Estonia, can trigger a lot of questions for someone arriving from another country.

Some are just practicalities: how to register in Tartu? Which shops are cheaper, which ones have bigger choice? How to find your way by using public transportation and how to chose a mobile phone provider? Is there something happening tomorrow?

Some of the challenges are related to new customs: bringing flowers to teachers on 1st of September, to take shoes off when entering a room, not to dump coffee grounds into the sink.

Everyone who has had to build up a life in a new country knows that thereĀ“s plenty of chances for surprise and sometimes also stress, for both the newcomer and the locals.

International House Tartu supports adaptation of foreigners: we help to discover possibilities of Tartu and find new friends, sometimes we guide people to Police and Border Guard Board for applying for their ID-card or to Estonian Road Administration to check the validity of their driving license, sometimes we help to understand a contract in Estonian or identify how to make their input in making Tartu an even nicer city to live in for all of us.

We also share our competence in order for people professionally dealing with foreigners to better understand what questions can arise based on a different cultural context, what is worth worrying about – or what is not.

We also provide our services to employers/companies in Tartu: if you do not have time to deal with an arriving/newly arrived employee and guide him/her through the system, we are here to do it for you!

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