What and why?


Tartu is home to people from many countries and nations. Tartu has always been known as a center of education and culture in Estonia. The city of good thoughts - we want it to continue so. Even though we have people from different nations and countries, it can be challenging to get to know people outside of your immediate circle. Expats tends to hang around with expats, foreign students with other foreign students and locals with fellow locals. We understand this is all well and quite logical, but we also know that personal contacts and interaction is the key to bridging cultural and social gaps and destroying prejudices and stereotypes.

We want to offer fun and interesting activities to bring together all the residents of our city - from different cultures and countries.

We organize:

  • weekly football matches,
  • Estonian language cafes,
  • regular cooking workshops,
  • cultural evenings
  • and much much more.

Want to meet new people, learn more about different cultures and have an awesome time! Come and join one of our events!