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New to Tartu?

Are you new to Tartu/Southern Estonia and need help with settling in? Get in touch and see where to find family doctor, how to apply for kindergarten, or what are the places for spending free time the way you like it!


Working with newcomers, need support?

If you have a new foreign employee and don't have time to deal with all those registrations, we´re here to help you out! Or maybe you want to better understand the country of origin of new kid in the class? Get in touch!


What´s going on? Take part!

Do you want to learn how to cook something new? Or you want to practice Estonian or get a better insight into Estonian culture? Join our activities and extend your network!

Hate incidents: What can I do?

Hate incidents (e.g. verbal abuse, harassment) are still rare in Estonia. Nevertheless if you are confronted with one, you have to deal with it. In a street incident mostly origin, skin color or sexual orientation is being picked on, but ultimately – almost anything can…

Estonian culture course

Would you like to know more about Estonian culture, to share your thoughts about how similar or different it is compared to your culture, and to visit interesting cultural places in Tartu and meet new people? Maybe you’ve been thinking that you´d like to explore…