Would you like to know more about Estonian culture, to share your thoughts about how similar or different it is compared to your culture, and to visit interesting cultural places in Tartu and meet new people? Maybe you’ve been thinking that you´d like to explore Estonian National Museum, but the ticket is a bit expensive? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to go to a concert but going alone is not fun?

If yes, here´s your chance: a short culture course that lasts 1.5 months, packed with information and opportunities to discover Tartu and Estonia, and free of charge!

The course revolves around Estonian history, cultural symbols, nature, traditions and many other topics. It is designed to be dynamic and interactive, so you can share your thoughts and hear about others’ experiences in Estonia, and expand your network.

The course starts in February, and runs from 18.00 to 21.00 on following days: 24.4.2019, 2.5.2019, 8.5. 2019, 15.5.2019 and 22.5.2019. In addition to these five training days, every person has to participate in five study visits (times to be set as we go). Please sign up only if you can participate in 80% of the course (4 out of 5 days plus 4 out of 5 study visits; ps! in stead of one of the study visits you can also write a review)

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Read also the blogpost written by the participant of the very first group.

Additional information: info@internationalhouse.ee

Topics of training days:

  • Estonia – what kind of place is it? We´ll speak about history, about people living here, and also touch upon the topics like economy, education, religion and changes in the culture.
  • Estonian language … is interesting! We´ll have a chat about languages in general, and about Estonian language; about participants´ experiences with learning Estonian, and then we´ll go and see the language exposition.
  • Nature: not only cold We´ll talk about people´s relation to nature, about Estonian nature and traditions, and about environment protection.
  • Culture: from traditional food to modern art. We´ll talk about cultures in general and about symbolic objects of Estonian culture
  • The Sound of Estonia: music and written word

Some of the possible study visits: visit to Printing and Paper Museum, visiting Vanemuine theater backstage, watching an Estonian movie followed by discussion, KGB cells museum, walk in a neighborhood, hike to the countryside

The course is carried out by Estonian National Museum, International House Tartu and the Society of Friends of the Estonian National Museum.

The course is funded by the Integration Foundation  through the European Social Fund.